Mindfulness & Movement

Mindfulness practice connects us to our present moment.
We become very aware of the here happening right now.
Do we have that awareness when we start to move?

The breath is available to anchor this present now.
We focus on breath to find stillness, usually while sitting in a quiet moment.

But our daily lives are spent in motion…..
How do we bring the equanimity we feel in this quiet moment into the vibrancy and movement of our lives?

Body Practice
Body practices like kung fu or taiji create a bridge between inner stillness and movement.
The nature of martial art form movement requires the focused concentration we become familiar with in mindfulness. We are aware of the weight distribution in each foot, the rotation of our hips to generate force, the alignment of the spine and the distance of the arms in relation to the body.

Position Focus
The focus is on the position of the body, so intellectualizing is replaced by embodiment.
The “idea” of where the body is in space actually becomes the body in space.

Repetition in practice creates a familiarity that gives way to a deeper sense of embodiment.
How closely can we feel the many things that are happening in the body right now?

Familiarity uncovers more and more in the present movement moment.
We learn how it feels to inhabit the body with a deep awareness.

Daily Awareness
Deep body awareness presents itself in even mundane movements as we travel through our day.
This awareness becomes a supportive anchor to the breath and our mindfulness practice.