Qigong For Self-Healing

Qigong For Self-Healing 

Qigong combines simple movements with focused breathing. Physically, anyone could do it. It is so easy, it’s hard to believe the powerful effects it has on our health.

Let’s break down the simple ways this ancient exercise assists our overall well-being.

Proper Alignment

Qigong emphasizes holding the body in correct anatomical alignment. “Correct anatomical alignment” is the positions that maximize physical movement and physical energetic expenditure.


There is minimal muscular contraction to maintain this alignment and to move through the exercises. We become aware of intrinsic tension we may hold in our body by bringing awareness to it and consciously trying to release it.


We become familiar with our internal breathing apparatus – rib cage, lungs, diaphragm and, in qigong practice, our internal abdominals and pelvic floor.

We use this familiarity to become efficient in their use. This efficiency increases oxygen utilization throughout the body.


We concentrate our mind properly to accomplish the first three modalities of the practice. This focused awareness on a specific task stills the mind which, as a result, stills the emotions. It trains a calm awareness that encompasses our individual selves first, then ourselves and our immediate environment next, then the larger sphere of existence that makes up our wider world.

As our practice deepens the benefits deepen too – but that will be saved for another post.  🙂